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Course Dates

The Scuba Store is a locally run dive store in Canberra that has been trading since 1985. In 2012 the Scuba Store joined with Straight Line Ski and Scuba to provide top quality service and products for both winter and summer.

To keep up to date with an ever-changing market we have now merged the two websites into one allowing us maintain the site with the best information and content possible. Come in and see our friendly staff to help you find the right product for you, or to book a dive with us and our highly skilled diving team.

Scuba Diving Open Water Course Click to see flyer

Evening Theory- Monday 5th December, Pool and Theory- Sat/Sun 10-11th December, Coast Weekend- Sat/Sun 17-18th December

Evening Theory- Monday 6th February, Pool and Theory- Sat/Sun 11-12th February, Coast Weekend- Sat/Sun 18-19th February

Evening Theory- Monday 6th March, Pool and Theory- Sat/Sun 11-12th March, Coast Weekend- Sat/Sun 18-19th March

Evening Theory- Monday 19th April, Pool and Theory- Sat/Sun 22-23rd April, Coast Weekend- Sat/Sun 29-30th April

Scuba Diving Skills Update Course Click to see flyer

Saturday 10th December

Saturday 11th February

Saturday 11th March

Saturday 22nd April

This refresher course is dependant on instructor availability. Otherwise a private couse can be run on a day that is convenient for you.

Scuba Diving Advanced Adventurer Course Click to see flyer

Evening Theory- Monday 20th February, Coast Weekend- Sat/Sun 25-26th February

Scuba Diving Stress and Rescue Course Click to see flyer

Evening Theory- Tuesday 28th February, Coast Weekend- Sat/Sun 4-5th March

Scuba Diving Night and Navigation Course Click to see flyer

Evening Theory- Tuesday 31st January, Coast Weekend- Sat/Sun 4-5th February

Scuba Diving Nitrox Course Click to see flyer

Evening Theory- Wednesday 7th December

Evening Theory- Wednesday 22nd February

Evening Theory- Tuesday 3rd May

Scuba Diving Equipment Techniques Course Click to see flyer

Evening Theory- Wednesday 30th November and Thursday 1st December

Evening Theory- Monday 16th January and Tuesday 17th January

Evening Theory- Wednesday 29th March and Thursday 30th March

Scuba Diving Deep inc. Computer Course Click to see flyer

Evening Theory- Tuesday 29th November, Coast Weekend- Sat/Sun 3-4th December

Evening Theory- Tuesday 4th AprilCoast Weekend- Sat/Sun 8-9th April

Scuba Diving Perfect Buoyancy CourseClick to see flyer

Evening Theory- Tuesday 13th December, Coast Day- Sat 18th December

Evening Theory- Tuesday 14th March, Coast Weekend- Sat 19th March

Scuba Diving Science of Diving CourseClick to see flyer